An experienced professional

promising service with a smile, taking direction the first time without needing multiple takes to nail the right vibe.

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Inviting new customers

to experience the smiles your brand has to offer!

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A smile

that makes the right first impression with your target audience.

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A warm an inviting voice

that leaves the listener engaged and excited.

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In House Production

that promises rapid turnaround with an eye to your bottom-line.

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“I am passionate about giving your brand a personality! I’m thrilled about adding a positive, inviting, warmth to your project. I work with each of my clients to create their unique message. Let my smiling voice bring your copy to life!

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About Barbara Farragher

What does a car have in common with a cake?

Whether it tickles the taste buds or tickles the heart strings when rounding a tight curve, a product or service exists to produce a smile.

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“She’s a master at maintaining the natural, conversational style producers are looking for but there’s also a warm confidence, perfect for a full range of announcing styles.”

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- Jody Petersen

Cliff House Audio, President

“Barbara is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is friendly, versatile, takes direction well, and nails the delivery in every session. I can always count on Barbara…she’s a true professional!”

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- Ken Cornine

Producer, Comcast Spotlight

“Barbara makes my job so much easier. She often gives us the performance we were looking for in the first or second take! Even my ‘pickiest’ clients chooser her again and again.”

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- Scott Casey

Scott Casey Productions

“Barbara delivers one of the best, natural, non-announcer reads out there. And if you need her to fit 75 seconds worth of copy into a 60 second ad, she’ll do it-all while keeping the smile in her voice!”

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- Duke Clement

TJC Productions, LLC

“She always nails it and is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

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- Ed Kessel

Sound Imagination